Whether you are planning to select your first cloud services provider, looking to replace a current provider, or simply add more cloud services to your existing line-up, choosing the right cloud service provider may be the most complicated part of transitioning to the cloud. Our experienced team can help you work through the complexities to find the best solution to meet your organization’s need.
Because Segra owns its own carrier-grade connectivity network – unlike most cloud service providers – it can offer its customers multiple advantages and benefits, including the ability to customize and package services, while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

The benefits of the Segra Cloud

Segra’s private network is at the heart of its cloud solutions for IaaS, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), and Backup as a Service (BaaS). All of Segra’s services are continuously monitored by on-site engineers 24/7/365, and are SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II certified, as well as PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant.

Owning its own fiber network also allows Segra to scale services and bandwidth quickly without having to go through multiple third-party vendors to complete customer requests. This also simplifies vendor management for our customers, allowing them to access connectivity and multiple cloud services from a single vendor, with fewer contracts to manage.

We can also expedite changes to services and offer on-call support and troubleshooting for connectivity and bandwidth issues, plus offer assistance and advice for users of our suite of cloud solutions.

With Segra’s dedicated fiber network, data travels over a private network, not the public internet. Data in motion is protected by centrally managed firewalls, and IDS and IPS  systems. The network provides resiliency mechanisms to ensure traffic delivery for consistent, dependable SLAs, as well as end-to-end QoS options for traffic optimization.

Enhanced Security

Cybercrime is an unfortunate reality of digital connectivity, and secured data transmission is of paramount importance for any organization thinking of using cloud services to perform critical computing, storage or backup activities. Most cloud services providers deliver cloud services over the public internet, and while the internet is much more secure than it once was, breaches are not uncommon. Your data security strategy is only as strong as your weakest link, which may be the public internet. With Segra’s dedicated fiber network, data travels over a private network.

Lower Operating Costs

Lower operating costs is one of the primary benefits of cloud computing, as owning and maintaining a local data center is increasingly costly. Cloud computing takes the headache and expense of owning and managing capital-intensive data centers and replaces them with a pay-as-you-go cloud service that comes with a predictable operating expense.

Easy to Manage Infrastructure

By migrating your resources to the Segra cloud, we bring your network infrastructure into our Segra-owned data centers and deliver a robust and trusted suite of services and solutions on the enterprise-class Segra-owned fiber network.

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