Fiber based Ethernet from Segra provides high speed internet and data services with guaranteed bandwidth to help ensure that your business or organization is always online, with the speed and reliability you require. In addition, Segra offers collaboration, security and cloud services to target all of your telecommunication needs, along with network security features to make your internet infrastructure safer and more resilient. Segra’s connectivity services are all built on an extensive and trusted wholly owned fiber network, with the range and performance to drive scale and growth.
Segra’s fiber based Ethernet provides high speed internet and data services with guaranteed bandwidth to ensure that your business or organization is always online. We offer a suite of managed services to off-load your connectivity responsibilities to ours, allowing your IT team to focus on other business demands.

The benefit of fiber connectivity

High-performance fiber connectivity from Segra differs from many other sources of broadband internet, which often deliver congested, unpredictable or patchy access and services. On these networks, users share bandwidth among other subscribers. The result is inconsistent service which can slow down your business.

Fiber internet connectivity offers dedicated services at a guaranteed bandwidth that is designated for your business only, and not shared with other users. This preserves your internet connection speeds since there is no competition for the

bandwidth and enables Segra to offer SLAs that define the performance parameters of the service and guarantee a stated level of service quality.

This dedicated performance is essential for fast-evolving businesses that depend on internet services for customer-facing outreach and communications, and require trustworthy connections to the cloud for data processing and other services.

Symmetrical download and upload speeds

Another performance benefit of fiber connectivity is symmetrical upload and download speeds when transferring data to and from the internet. In other words, the network delivers consistent access performance to both incoming and outgoing data, enabling online transactions and data traffic to complete quickly and reliably, at a predictable level of performance.

Service quality, reliability and availability

Segra fiber connectivity services are ideal for all types of applications that require QoS guarantees, including voice, video, virtual private networks (VPNs) and services to remote workers and servers. Segra fiber also supports Class of Service capabilities that prioritize bandwidth for voice and video traffic.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Secure internet connectivity is the lifeline of modern business, connecting customers and empowering employees. A shared connection may work well for residential users, but it fails to hold up when it’s time to get to work.

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Ethernet WAN

Fast, secure and reliable data access is key to business success – this holds particularly true for growing enterprises. Maintain agility and scale effortlessly with Ethernet Wide Area Network (WAN).

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Wireless Backup

Maintaining business continuity is crucial to every organization’s success. Keep your organization running even if your primary connection goes down with a backup wireless connection.

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Managed Router

Reduce operational complexities by outsourcing route management from your team to ours.

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Managed Switch

Productivity happens when employees and equipment can connect. Network switches — systems that make it possible for devices to “talk” to each other — act as the nerve center of the business IT infrastructure responsible for sending and receiving critical information. Without their help, tech-driven collaboration and communication would be nearly impossible.

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Managed Wi-Fi

A strong Wi-Fi connection can make a big difference for your operations. That’s why it’s so important to get it right.

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Times have changed. Relying on hardware to connect WAN endpoints was the longtime gold standard, but effective branch networking in an increasing digital-first world demands more — more visibility, more security, more simplicity and control.

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Smart Wi-Fi

A single Wi-Fi signal doesn’t cut it anymore. The right access in the right places — public wireless for visitors, private Wi-Fi connectivity for staff — can be a game-changer that delivers a better guest experience, creates new revenue streams and keeps your operations running smoothly.

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