Fiber based Ethernet from Segra provides high speed internet and data services with guaranteed bandwidth to help ensure that your business or organization is always online, with the speed and reliability you require. In addition, Segra offers collaboration, security and cloud services to target all of your telecommunication needs, along with network security features to make your internet infrastructure safer and more resilient. Segra’s connectivity services are all built on an extensive and trusted wholly owned fiber network, with the range and performance to drive scale and growth.
Segra’s fiber based Ethernet provides high speed internet and data services with guaranteed bandwidth to ensure that your business or organization is always online. We offer a suite of managed services to off-load your connectivity responsibilities to ours, allowing your IT team to focus on other business demands.

The benefit of fiber connectivity

High-performance fiber connectivity from Segra differs from many other sources of broadband internet, which often deliver congested, unpredictable or patchy access and services. On these networks, users share bandwidth among other subscribers. The result is inconsistent service which can slow down your business.

Fiber internet connectivity offers dedicated services at a guaranteed bandwidth that is designated for your business only, and not shared with other users. This preserves your internet connection speeds since there is no competition for the

bandwidth and enables Segra to offer SLAs that define the performance parameters of the service and guarantee a stated level of service quality.

This dedicated performance is essential for fast-evolving businesses that depend on internet services for customer-facing outreach and communications, and require trustworthy connections to the cloud for data processing and other services.

Symmetrical download and upload speeds

Another performance benefit of fiber connectivity is symmetrical upload and download speeds when transferring data to and from the internet. In other words, the network delivers consistent access performance to both incoming and outgoing data, enabling online transactions and data traffic to complete quickly and reliably, at a predictable level of performance.

Service quality, reliability and availability

Segra fiber connectivity services are ideal for all types of applications that require QoS guarantees, including voice, video, virtual private networks (VPNs) and services to remote workers and servers. Segra fiber also supports Class of Service capabilities that prioritize bandwidth for voice and video traffic.

Ethernet WAN

Segra's Wide Area Network provides the flexibility to join sites, the bandwidth scalability to support applications, the speed businesses need to connect online and to VPNs, and the service resiliency to keep your network running.

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Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is critical for businesses that depend on fast, private, secure, and reliable data transmission. Segra’s DIA provide business-grade features and is backed by service level agreement (SLAs).

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Long Term Evolution (LTE)

The name of the game in today’s business environment is mobility. Segra’s Long Term Evolution services keep out of office employees and remote sites safely and securely connected to your network.

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Managed Router

Segra’s Managed Router service offers our customers the ability to outsource their LAN-to-WAN communication, as well as provide interoperability for multi-site networks through a private WAN. The service transitions all responsibility for the router from your team to ours.

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Managed Switch

The simple LAN Managed Switch device allows you to change settings. You can disable unused ports, limit access to your network, limit speed, prioritize traffic and adjust parameters. With Managed Switch, you can offload the entire responsibility for these switches to Segra and regain IT resources for strategic initiatives.

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Managed Wi-Fi

A seamless and well-designed Wi-Fi system can make all the difference in any workplace. Whether you need Wi-Fi for employees or visitors to your business, Segra offers Managed Wi-Fi Services that include design, implementation and ongoing management. This solution also offers the ability to scale as your organization grows, for seasonal increases/decreases in Wi-Fi usage or to accommodate changes in your company structure.

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Segra SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) services offer an industry leading solution ensuring high application performance and availability. Our solution securely supports application growth, and intelligently steers traffic for consistent performance over multiple connection types including: MPLS, LTE and broadband. A central orchestrator is utilized to automate policies and provide a single pane of glass for real-time and historical data metrics. According to an IDC survey, nearly a quarter of survey respondents expect SD-WAN cost savings of upwards of 39%, with two thirds expecting more modest savings in the 5-19% range.

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Smart Wi-Fi

Take your customer's experience to the next level with a customized Wi-Fi service featuring all new Smart Wi-Fi technology. Segra Smart Wi-Fi service is a comprehensive, customized solution that provides end-to-end design with next- generation enhanced customer experience features, smart technology tools for targeted marketing, enhanced data management ability and reporting, and state-of-the-art security.

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