Careers at Segra.

At Segra, we place a premium on diversity and teamwork. If you’ve got a talent and passion for customer solutions, we’d love to talk.


Our values.

Making a merger work is no simple task. That’s why we painstakingly crafted our values, which we refer to as our “Articles of Excellence,” to reflect the deep sense of purpose that each of us brings to work every day.

Stay True.

We are honest with ourselves and with others. We earn their trust every day. We do what is right, we follow through, and we never compromise.

Be the Customer.

We know that without our customers, our company goes away. We listen, we have empathy, we show respect. We make every conversation count. We go the extra mile to make every experience memorable.

Build the Bonds.

1 + 1 = 3 is what makes us great. We seek the wisdom of others. We share our talents and we collaborate in continuum. We know that “command and control” never works. For it is only as a team that we achieve common goals.

Embrace Change.

We adjust and we evolve. We expect shifts and we find solutions. We are flexible, open-minded, and we iterate constantly. We celebrate the victories and we learn from the losses.

Light the Fire.

We empower ourselves through education and self-improvement. And we empower those around us to achieve their potential. We are responsible risk takers who seek information and search for the right tools.

Set the Pace.

In our quest for innovation, we are bold, competitive, and confident. We test boundaries, we question the status quo, and we push beyond expectations. We are unafraid of what lies ahead.

Choose to Win.

Whether we are laying new fiber routes, closing a million-dollar deal, or answering the phone, we take pride in all that we do. We study and understand the challenges. We strategize on a game plan. And then, we find a way to win.

Create a Legacy.

We create value for our customers, our employees, and our owners. By doing so, we establish a heritage of reliable infrastructure, constant innovation, and good stewardship.