Unite Private Networks (UPN) is becoming Segra. Click ‘Open Positions’ below to see job postings for both companies.
Unite Private Networks (UPN) is becoming Segra. Click ‘Open Positions’ below to see job postings for both companies.

We are fully engaged and driven to succeed.

Our Purpose

Segra’s Purpose is to deliver a superior communications experience leveraging our next generation fiber network, enabling our customers the freedom to grow.

Segra most loved workplace

Our Culture

At Segra, our customer-centric approach to business enables success. We excel at challenges, embrace change and always strive to do the right thing. Our employees live and work in the communities we serve. We are fully engaged and driven to succeed.

Core Values
Core Values

Our Core Values: Integrity, Customer First, Teamwork, Get to Yes, and Be Courageous embody the principles of how we work together as one company, one team and are the foundation of our company culture.  Our Core Values are the guiding principles that influence our actions.

Work-Life Balance
Work-Life Balance

Segra offers flexibility that supports your personal and family life, including remote and hybrid opportunities, as well as flexible schedules whenever possible.


Employees receive strong support from our Leadership and each other. As part of Team Segra, we will learn from your experiences and feedback, just as you learn from ours.

We move fast and think BIG!
We move fast and think BIG!

At Segra, we are nimble, therefore we can quickly assess and act in today’s fast-paced business and technology-focused environment. To put it simply, our employees bring us big ideas and we work together to get things done. This is how we’ve gotten where we are today.

Growth Opportunities

Employee growth and continuous improvement are an important part of the Segra culture and play an integral part in the company’s success. We invest in our biggest resources: Our employees. We recognize that this investment results in increased employee confidence, knowledge and productivity, adding value for our employees and the company.

At Segra, we are committed to:

Acquire Talent: Seek and recruit talented candidates to join the Segra team.

Develop Talent: Continuously strive to develop the talent of our Segra employees.

Retain Talent: Deliver developmental opportunities for all Segra employees to enhance their career performance and satisfaction. Productive, satisfied employees help strengthen our company and enable Segra to continue thriving in the competitive technology industry.

Professional Development:

  • A means for enhancing skills and knowledge for increased job effectiveness and satisfaction.
  • An opportunity for Segra employees to gain knowledge, skills and personal achievement, as well as prepare for advancement.
  • A method for strengthening the working relationship between employees and their immediate leadership.
  • A continuous improvement process to enhance the overall success of the Segra team, setting our company apart from our competition.
Leadership & Engagement Leadership & Engagement

Leadership & Engagement

Segra’s leaders foster a culture of participative leadership that embraces feedback and insights from all employees. We promote teamwork to achieve results and a sense of ownership while recognizing and rewarding individual excellence. We believe problem-solving is everyone’s job; anyone who identifies a problem is encouraged to recommend a solution or other suggestions. By being accessible and approachable, we can overcome artificial barriers between employee groups. We value diversity within our employee base, and our commitment to Segra’s purpose and success is our common bond. We are One Company, One Team – Team SEGRA!

Diversity & Inclusion Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Segra celebrates diversity in the workplace. We seek to attract diverse talent as we continue to grow our footprint and strive each day to foster a sense of belonging and empowerment. Here at Segra we recognize inclusion as a means to unleash the power of diversity. We are dedicated to creating workplaces that reflect the communities we serve, where everyone feels valued, included and comfortable expressing their opinions and ideas.

Supporting Veterans Supporting Veterans

Supporting Veterans

Segra is proud of our partnership with Hiring Our Heroes. This great program connects transitioning service members to exceptional professional opportunities.

Join us for the opportunity to develop and grow your career and help us make an impact in the world of technology and business.