Ethernet WAN

Segra Ethernet WAN (wide-area network) provides the configuration flexibility to join sites, the bandwidth scalability to feed applications, the access to reach the internet and private VPNs at business speeds, and the service resiliency to keep your network running.

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Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is critical for businesses that depend on fast, secure, and reliable internet access. Segra’s DIA will ensure your business has the extra edge in today’s communication-intensive environment.

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Long-Term Evolution (LTE)

The name of the game in today’s business environment is mobility. Segra’s Long-Term Evolution services keep out-of-office employees and remote sites safely and securely connected to your network.

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Managed Router

The Simple LAN Managed Router service is part of the Managed LAN family of solutions for outsourcing the management of the customer’s premise uplink path to the Segra WAN. The Segra Managed Router service is a complete solution for the management of your on-premise LAN-to-WAN router. The service transitions all responsibility for the router from your team to ours.

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Managed Switch

The Simple LAN Managed Switch service is a complete solution for the end-to-end ‘care and feeding’ of the switches on your site connecting your VLANs to the Segra WAN. With Managed Switch, you can offload the entire responsibility for these switches to Segra and regain IT resources for strategic initiatives. Grow more; we’re ready.

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Segra SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide-Area Network) Services enable you to orchestrate connectivity throughout your organization through a convenient web portal. You’ll have access to higher speeds and more bandwidth as well as having granular control over which network traffic gets priority. In addition, you’ll have access to robust metrics and reporting.

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