The demands on organizations today require fast, flexible, cost-effective and easy-to-use communication solutions. Voice and data traffic travels securely over Segra’s private network, ensuring that you stay connected and protected even when accessed by remote employees. Customers have the flexibility to expand as technology changes and when their business grows.
Companies face financial, technical and organizational challenges when deciding how they will move their communications into the new digital world. Whether it is updating clunky traditional trunking equipment, or deciding on how to best enable their workforce with the latest IP collaboration solution, Segra provides you with the expertise and technology to help make the best decision.

The benefits of VoIP

Stay connected, always, Short Initiation Protocol allows an organization to remain fully operational – virtually – with no restrictions on the geographic location of offices. Users can access calls to assigned numbers from wherever they are, via cell phones, laptops, or other devices. Employees are free to work from anywhere in the world, stretching the call network to suit their operational model.

Using SIP provides some distinct cost advantages over TDM. By deploying a single IP path for voice and data, it is possible to leverage the power of the Internet and eliminate much of the specialized infrastructure associated with traditional communication networks.

Segra’s SIP trunking is flexible and scalable, functioning on Internet access and wireless transports. The solution makes it possible to maintain existing phone numbers and add additional numbers as needed – keeping the features of a PBX phone system but with the benefits of VoIP.

Segra is a long-term provider for many state and local services agencies. We offer best-in-class SIP solutions that’s supported by our customer solutions center, which offers immediate customer assistance and resolution. Proactive network monitoring and management are also provided by our Customer Network.

Improved Call Quality

While TDM was initially conceived as a signaling method for analog, SIP has been designed from the start as a voice protocol, ensuring exceptional call quality. This factor is becoming ever-more important, as the trend to remote working results in more online conversations.

Built-in Scalability

SIP makes it easy to expand voice capability simply by selecting the number of lines/trunks required and adding as the organization grows. Expansion is unlimited without the need for additional hardware across multiple sites, providing freedom and flexibility.

Flexible Features

SIP supports a broad range of functionality, as would be expected of a state-of-the-art unified communications system. These advantages include number portability, caller ID, caller record detail on long-distance calls, unlimited local calling and automatic failover between trunks for service resiliency.

Hosted Voice with Webex

Hosted Voice with Webex offers a fully integrated collaboration experience, bringing together HD voice calling, with advanced messaging and meeting capabilities, within a secured environment for connecting and getting things done within one platform.

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Converged VoIP

Converged data and voice networks, known as “Converged VoIP,” is the most efficient and effective way to manage your communication systems. Our converged voice service combines data and voice into a single infrastructure that offers an integration platform for legacy devices such as analog phones, PBX and fax machines with your IP network.

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IP Fax

Despite the shift to a more digital world, business is still conducted over fax machines. With Segra’s IP Fax you can quickly and easily migrate fax machines from analog phone lines, without sacrificing reliable fax delivery. Using a supplied Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) device, fax machines are easily connected to Segra’s internet service, bypassing the need for dedicated analog phone lines, expensive fax board hardware or dedicated fax servers.

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SIP Trunks

With our state-of-the-art Short Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking, allows you to update your clunky, traditional trunking equipment. Scales easily with minimal hardware so that you can effortlessly expand your call capacity as your business grows. Leverage your Internet connection and investment by simultaneously sharing voice and data on one transport.

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