Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is critical for businesses that depend on fast, secure, and reliable Internet access. Segra’s Direct Internet Access will ensure your business has the extra edge in today’s communication-intensive environment.

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Wide-Area Network (WAN)

As your company grows, it’s important to know what to invest in. Our Wide-Area Network services allow you to outsource expensive and cumbersome IT services, so you can focus on your core business. We’ll take the complications of WAN routing off your hands and give you access to our cutting edge Ethernet and VPRN technologies.

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Long-Term Evolution (LTE)

The name of the game in today’s business environment is mobility. Segra’s Long-Term Evolution services keep out-of-office employees and remote sites safely and securely connected to your network.

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Dark Fiber

Dark fiber is the latest technology to give you complete monitoring and performance control over your wide-area network. This service empowers your organization to essentially build your own network to exactly match your connectivity needs. You’ll be able to choose the optical equipment, the networking approach, the monitoring tools, and the performance-management systems to craft your own customized network solution.

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Local Ring Enhancements (LRE)

Local Ring Enhancements (LRE) ensure your network stays up and running even if your network access is temporarily interrupted. With LRE, your traffic will automatically be re-routed to a “protect element,” providing extra resiliency from any kind of compromise.

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