Segra takes the protection of your confidential information seriously. Segra has procedures in place to establish the identity of our customers before we discuss or transact any business on your account.

Only customers with bill responsibility and authority may request information changes on an account. Under Federal Law, communications companies are required to protect CPNI which includes the services and products that you purchase, billing account activity, long distance calls and monthly charges.

We are allowed to use this information for marketing purposes to offer you the full range of communications products and services available from Segra. These services may be different from the services you currently buy from us. Such services may include cost savings bundles, local telephone service, long distance, Internet and Fiber Optic TV. A more complete description of these services is available on this website or you may call Segra at 611 from your Segra phone or 800-320-6144.

If you wish to restrict the use of your information about the services listed above, please call us. If you have previously restricted the use of your telecommunications service information, no action on your part is required unless you wish to remove the restriction.