Big Red Box is a Waste Management Company that brokers dumpsters all over the USA. They focus their business on being reliable and easily accessible to the public using the internet. Big Red Box receives over 1,000 calls a day and have a staff of about 40 people answering phones to take the customer requests that come in. Due to the nature of their business, if their fiber optic connection goes down, they not only lose current business but also lose future business that results from negative reviews online. With a prior internet service provider, Big Red Box had experienced these types of down time more frequently than what was acceptable. Over the course of a few years, they had lost connection about 20 times, each  time lasting about 6 – 8 hours.

Segra took the time to listen to Big Red Box, and identify not only their immediate issue, but to understand their business and what  connection means to their business. The goal was to provide them with a solution that would ensure that their mission critical need, being connected to the internet, was met. Having a LTE Backup wireless solution in addition to redundant Direct Internet Access fiber connections, Big Red Box, is able to consistently maintain their internet connection and continue doing business without ever having to worry about going down again.

A hosted voice and call center solution was also implemented to help manage the large amount of incoming phone traffic. This allows Big Red Box to ensure that all customer calls are answered, and they can provide timely answers to their customer’s needs.

“Finally, I had enough and had to find a solution and that’s when I called Segra. I shared our situation and how terrible it is when we go down and they came up with the solution to have a wireless backup that would support our internet and phones as well as third line coming in that was broadband.”

– Chris Dorsey, President Big Red Box

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