Ross Mould LLC is a traditional manufacturer that specializes in making molds for the glass industry, including high-profile beverage companies. Founded in 1983, Ross Mould is a global supplier of hollow glass mould equipment, Engineering Services, special and commercial tools. They integrate and foster synergies between associated companies to be a global leader in glass mould manufacturing. They are currently developing proprietary technologies that are unparalleled in the glass mould industry. With 800+ employees in 4 continents and 34 years in the business, they are looking to disrupt the glass container industry.

Ross Mould’s mission is to stake out a differentiated market position as the design, technology, quality and delivery leader with unsurpassed speed to market in the mould equipment space for highly decorated glass containers. They had been working with other telecom providers and were experiencing frequent downtime (at least once a quarter) that interfered with their workflow and in some instances stopping production for 24, 48 hours or longer.

When it came to choosing a telecom provider they were looking for a provider that could help in various facets of their business, specifically: Mitigating DDoS attacks, providing symmetric internet bandwidth and transitioning from POTs lines to name a few. Segra had fiber and a splice point close to their location and they were able to bring fiber directly into their facility, providing them with Dedicated Internet Access, DDoS protection, and voice services; Segra provides the backbone connections between subsidiaries via a site-to-site VPN. Ross Mould has been with Segra, previously Lumos Networks, for 7 years without service disruptions.

Segra was able to come to the table with solutions at the right time, and their local Segra representative’s dedication, demeanor and frankness has been invaluable.