IGS Industries is a custom part and sealant manufacturing company of over 150,000 square feet. They offer both stock and custom metal work parts; non-metallic parts; brand-name and custom sealants; gaskets; shims; auxiliary products; and specialized services to best accommodate your business needs. They also provide a wealth of other services to help customers’ businesses thrive. From private labeling and access to exotic materials to reverse engineering and blanket shipping options, they have programs in place that give them the flexibility to meet both their customers’ standard and non-standard specifications.

Like Segra, IGS Industries has a strong commitment to their customers’ needs, building long lasting relationships with customers and making sure they follow through and never compromise. So when it came to choosing a telecom provider they were looking for a provider who had the same commitment to customers’ needs as they did.

Segra, then Lumos Networks, began partnering with IGS in 2012.

Segra was able to build fiber to IGS Industries allowing them to have improved operating and manufacturing performance due to the reliable robust fiber connection. While other providers IGS had worked with were able to provide similar service, they were at a very high cost, had frequent outages and they did not receive any follow up from their local sales representatives. Segra has been a partner to IGS Industries and built a long standing relationship on trust and customer service. In the 8 years IGS Industries has been with Segra, they have not had an outage once.

Integrity builds strong relationships; doing what is right, following through and never compromising.