The Columbia Fireflies are the South Atlantic League affiliate of the New York Mets. Home games are played at Segra Park, a state-of-the-art multi-use Sports and Entertainment venue located in downtown Columbia, SC. They are host to 70 Columbia Fireflies games each year in addition to about 300 non-baseball events. Being the local gathering place for the community, the Fireflies have a strong commitment to the community they serve. When it came to choosing a telecom provider, finding a local company that had good corporate citizenship and who could provide a full suite of solutions to address all of their needs was important – that’s why they choose Segra.

“You know, it’s amazing to think that 10 years ago there was no in stadium wi-fi. And because of the Gigabit internet here, we can have 9,000 people in the ballpark, and have hundreds of people streaming music videos or posting to their social channels, and there’s no lag or latency.”

– John Katz, President of the Columbia Fireflies

As the Fireflies began working through the development of their ballpark, Segra was able to collaborate with their team to help identify the solutions that they needed to be successful and provide an exceptional game day experience that other ballparks couldn’t. Together they worked to design and implement an extremely robust wi-fi network throughout the park that is now available to their fans for free, which all runs over a 1GB fiber infrastructure.

Segra was able to provide the Fireflies with a dedicated secure fiber network, robust wi-fi network, hosted phones and hosted firewall, but it really came down to the people at Segra, who collaborated with the staff and ensured that no matter what issues they faced that they were there to help them.

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