Since the invention of the very first x-ray technology, Radiology Associates of Richmond has been on the forefront of using imaging techniques to diagnose and treat conditions that affect bone, blood vessels, and nerves—especially those in the brain and spinal cord. Radiology Associates of Richmond offers diagnostic, vascular and neurovascular interventional services throughout Central Virginia. Their 60 radiologists provide services to nine hospitals, four imaging centers, several freestanding emergency centers and outpatient imaging to various primary care and specialty groups.

When Radiology Associates of Richmond first connected with Segra, they were looking for a provider that could supply them with stable and consistent connectivity at all their locations; a network that provided high capacity with low latency, and a network partner that provided them coverage over a wide geographic area, including their DR Data Center in West Virginia. Beyond the technical needs, they were looking for a partner who could provide them with a high level of support and customer service.

“Segra’s corporate mission has been consistent, sales reps have been straightforward, and the services are second to none. Because of all of those reasons, I would recommend Segra.” – Joseph Wyatt, CIO/CTO, Radiology Associates of Richmond

Because of Segra’s expansive fiber footprint, we were able to provide Radiology Associates of Richmond with the geographic coverage they needed. The Segra engineering teams worked continuously to provide solutions that met the changing needs of Radiology Associates of Richmond making it easier to distribute the workload among their Radiologist teams located across Central Virginia.

Segra recently worked with Radiology Associates to enhance and upgrade their network and security. Segra will be converting the current PRI voice circuits to SIP, and changing the current Layer 2 network connections to Layer3 (VPRN). We will also be adding SD-WAN and LTE Backup at all of the locations for additional reliability and to ensure business continuity. Cybersecurity is a huge concern in the medical industry; this is why Segra is working collaboratively with Radiology Associates of Richmond to incorporate SOCaaS into their infrastructure. This solution will increase their security and significantly reduce or eliminate ransomware and other cyberattacks.

“We rely daily on Segra’s services for our corporate-wide phone service and we use the data services to transmit and receive terabytes of data for PACS.” -Joseph Wyatt, CIO/CTO, Radiology Associates of Richmond.

As one of the largest independent fiber network companies in the Eastern U.S., Segra has a broad and dense service footprint across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. We offer state-of- the-art voice and data technology solutions to businesses of all sizes. But what we are most proud of is the work we do day and night to deliver never-say-never customer service.

Because of Segra’s expansive fiber footprint, we were able to provide Radiology Associates of Richmond with the geographic coverage they needed.