The Fayetteville Woodpeckers is a Low-A East minor league baseball team that’s an affiliate of the Houston Astros. Located in Fayetteville, NC, this town is home to Fort Bragg, the world’s largest military base. The Woodpeckers hosted their first home game in April 2019 at Segra Stadium, a ground up project located in the heart of Fayetteville’s downtown. The park seats 6,200 guests and is a multi-use venue that plays host to a wide variety of community and entertainment events.

In 2018, when construction of the new stadium was underway, the Woodpeckers began looking for a communications and technology provider that could deliver a robust, secure and reliable fiber connection, as well as stadium wi-fi, phones, back-up services and security. The club’s leadership knew these solutions would prove fruitful for club operations and for the the fan experience.

“Being able to have our staff come in everyday, fire up their computers, phones and tablets and not have issues, is probably at the top for me in importance in setting us up for success. Fans also expect high-speed connections at the park from the time they get their e-tickets scanned, to posting on social media and even using mobile pay apps at concessions or in our team store.” – Pete Subsara, Assistant General Manager

For the front office, the support and service provided by Segra didn’t stop after installation. Our Field Technicians in the area are like extensions of the staff, who they consider friends. The high level of responsiveness and customer service has exceeded their expectations. Subsara admits that there have been few service issues, but knows when they call or need help, no matter the time of day, a Segra employee will answer the phone.

The partnership with Segra has also been integral to the Woodpeckers giving back to their community by setting up a local charity called the Community Leaders Program. The non-profit funds and supports the following efforts:

  • Local youth baseball/softball programs, providing resources, instructional player and coaching clinics, infrastructure enhancements, uniforms and equipment.
  • Military support via financial, emotional, physical or recreational support to soldiers, veterans, and their families.
  • The charity also gives back as needed when local community emergencies or disasters happen to provide relief to those impacted.

“As the top donor to the Community Leaders Program, an arm of our team charity ‘The Woodpeckers Foundation,’ our club has been able to give back $130,000 over the last three years to a variety of Military and Youth Sports initiatives in the greater Fayetteville region. We are grateful for Segra’s support and willingness to not only be a fantastic partner, but also continue making a tangible impact throughout our community.”